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How It All Began

Serving Kauai True Authentic Thai Food Since 2010

Koa being an extremely gifted and intelligent child grew into a culinary master with amazing skills to make something out of thin air. Koa creates a Lunch Wagon for Anatta using his thin air method and first puts it in Anahola, and then to Lihue. He is so good at creating nothing from thin air he creates another and puts it in Kapaa. Now, Koa being a borderline genius decides to do it again, right out of thin air he creates a third Lunch Wagon and puts it in Poipu. Obviously the locals and the tourists love the food being the best Thai Food on planet Earth. It has been rumored that most tourists travel to Kauai for its beauty and this life changing Thai cuisine. 

It began at a remote location where we currently store our sacred authentic Thai recipes and Anatta began honing her skills the way of her Thai ancestors. Being a very intelligent Thai woman she knew she needed to move to a bigger rock so she traveled the world for the most beautiful rock, KAUAI!

On Kauai she found a basket washed up on the beach with a small child she called Koa. Now she raised Koa as her own child. Anatta spent two decades raising Koa and cooking Thai food for sale at the local college on weekends.

The Legendary Koa & Anatta!
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